“Network,” performed by Ashley Walters at Impulse New Music Festival, 2021.

“Deep Ecology,” sound event performed in Port Austin in 2021 by the Alchemist, featuring a foraged nine course meal, found objects, spoken word, and foraged sounds.

“Armillaria Ostoyae,” performed by Splinter Reeds, 2021.

“new demon//old god,” durational sculpture in collaboration with eDuard Helmbold

“Particle” for solo piano, played by Elizabeth Baker

“Phases” for solo electronic instrument (with score), played by Frank Felice

MESSIER 83 for violin and piano, performed by Ascending

RUACH for large, variable ensemble, performed by the JCA Composer’s Orchestra

…to live without illusion… for string quartet, performed by the Ligeia Quartet

Poema for fixed media and live artist

Ubi Caritas for mixed choir and pianist capable of playing E flat

Eucatastrophe for wind quintet

Susurrus for mezzo-soprano and piano, performed by Andi Tulipana and Gretchen Yeh

light>GLASS<light in 3 movements for B flat clarinet and piano, performed by Luke Patterson and May Ye

Movement 1: Pink

Movement 2: Green

Movement 3: Yellow

Moss No. 1 for piano, performed by John Albert Harris

Electripsody for fixed media

Scoring Work

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