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Gabrielle Cerberville (b. 1991 in Sleepy Hollow, NY) is a curious American composer, multi-media artist, and pianist. She is an “ethnically flexible” blend of Puerto Rican, German, Italian, and Jewish heritages, which displays itself in her unique ability to inhabit many different perspectives in her music and art. Gabrielle’s music has been described as “(a) wondrously meditative connection of un-contentiousness and warm fervency.” She writes in a highly flexible style that is at once familiar and alien. Much of her recent work focuses on spiritual and humanitarian themes, surveying such topics as resurrection, binding, myth and legend, dreams, dogma, and social justice.

Gabrielle holds a Bachelor of Music from Butler University in composition and theory, and has studied composition with Drs. Frank Felice and Michael Schelle. Her works have been featured in several public forums, including the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center, the Jordan College of the Arts Composer’s Orchestra, Butler University’s Elektronik Musik Festival, Indianapolis’s Spirit and Place Festival, Christian Theological Seminary, and Butler University’s Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts collective. She is inspired by the sensual nature of the world around her, and seeks to create art that is both practical and innovative, with an edge of wit and playfulness.

In addition to her regular composition activities, Gabrielle also teaches composition, theory, and piano to students in local charter schools as a teaching fellow of the Butler University Community Arts School. Gabrielle has many diverse passions, including Terry Pratchett novels, hiking in bad weather, pyrography, needle felting, theology, studying Tolkien, “experimental” cooking, gardening, brewing increasingly unusual meads, fishing, and cartography. She currently lives and works in Indianapolis with her husband Jordan and their two insufferable cats, Zaphod and Bartók.


Fun Facts:

Gabrielle once proved Mark Applebaum wrong after he said she couldn’t possibly learn his piece Aphasia in one month.

Gabrielle once came in second in a chili-making competition, but she still thinks it’s only because she wouldn’t spring for tri-tip.

Gabrielle has never once voluntarily eaten meatloaf.

Gabrielle has probably written the only piece in the world for trombone, tenor sax, and referee.

Gabrielle spent a year reading through the Harvard Classic’s Five Foot Shelf in 2014-2015, one book per week, in order to gain unique perspective on self-directed education.

Gabrielle was homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade. She does not require a hall pass under any circumstances.

Gabrielle has a completely ridiculous amount of hair.





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